Santa Fe City Northeast

A quick guide to Santa Fe neighborhoods

Santa Fe City Northeast

Northeast Santa Fe 

Within city limits, combines the pleasure of tranquil living with convenience of location. Within tree-lined streets are newer award-winning architectural homes, as well as established older adobes. In addition to the Historic Plaza, this area encompasses all the land up to the Sangre de Cristo mountains. Newer developments are on your left and right, as you climb in altitude to the beautiful Sangre’s. Historically, this area was the center of life in Santa Fe for many years. The Palace of the Governors, adjacent to the Plaza, was constructed in the early 17th century as Spain’s seat of government. Santa Fe’s Palace of the Governors chronicles and documents the history of the city, as well as New Mexico and the region. East Palace Avenue is lined with interesting galleries, shops and a variety of lovely hotels.


Hyde Park Road (also known as Ski Basin Road) – boasts spectacular views to the east and north, and some of the most distinguished newer homes in Santa Fe, The Summit and Sierra del Norte are two of the city’s premier developments. Located on Ski Basin Road are Cerros Colorados, and the older community of Hyde Park Estates, both with wonderful homes and incredible views.


The Santa Fe Plaza – historically, a plaza was the center of each Hispanic village, where people would come to relax under shady trees, listen to music, socialize, and hear the latest news. The Plaza has an array of shops, art galleries, and savory restaurants to satisfy every palate. What makes the Santa Fe Plaza so intriguing is the Palace of Governors, where the conquistadores, the Spanish conquerors of the Native Americans, placed the seat of their territorial government. Built in 1610 as a fort, it is now a fascinating history museum. Another tradition that Santa Fe has become known for is the Native American artists that sit under the long, shady portal to sell their handmade jewelry, pottery, and other works of art. All artifacts sold by the Indians under the portal are handmade by either the artist you’re speaking with, or a member of their family.

Santa Fe’s Historic Eastside

With various homes dating back for centuries, these charming neighborhoods boast many of Santa Fe’s most photographed adobe casas, and lush gardens. With residences of multi-generational families, and newcomers as well, the homes are often hidden behind traditional adobe walls, and accessed by narrow unpaved lanes, reminiscent of the city’s early history, and distinctive heritage. Authenticity and old world charm abound.

Canyon Road

Long famous for the artists’ works represented in numerous galleries, an array of restaurants, and unique specialty shops, Canyon Road has become one of Santa Fe’s most beloved attractions. Upper Canyon Road has well established residences, and the Randall Davey Audubon Center, encompassing 135 acres, miles of hiking trails, a nature store, and the historic home of artist Randall Davey.

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