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What to know about selling your home in Santa Fe.

What is the worth of your Santa Fe home, compared to similar homes, in the Santa Fe real estate market today? Did you receive your recent “Notice of Value” statement from the Santa Fe City and County Assessors’ Offices? If so, you may have noticed a change in your property value.  

If you’re thinking of selling your home in the current market, and wondering what your Santa Fe home is worth, with our extensive research and access to our comprehensive real estate tools, we are able to assist you in determining the value of your home. Based on the best real estate diagnostics available, you will be able to make an informed decision going forward.

If you decide to sell your home, know what possible improvements or slight changes specific to your home and neighborhood may help you get the best offers for your asking price. The Hultberg & Burgess Team will help you do just that. Our 30 plus years of experience in Santa Fe real estate will guide you through the process.

Complete the form with a bit of information about your home, and receive a free analysis of your home’s approximate value in the market today. We’ll provide you with market summaries specific to your locale, neighborhood, sales data, asking prices, etc.

Give us a call to find out more about how to go forward in selling your Santa Fe home. We welcome any questions you may have. We are always here to discuss selling Santa Fe homes, and real estate. We will advise you on the current real estate climate, interest rates, negotiations, marketing, and positioning your property, to attract the right buyers.

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